'Every communication from Spirit is ​a miracle. Loved ones who have passed transverse time and space with nothing but pure l​ove and light to communicate messages ​of importance to all. I treat my time with you and Spirit as sacred and I am honored 

to hold this space for you.'

Lois Anne

What to Expect

There will be time to ask questions and receive heartfelt answers.Lois Anne recommends that before your appointment, you write down four to six questions about any area of your life along with the names of loved ones in Spirit you would like to connect with. Look at this list as your prayer for the session, why you requested the appointment, what you would like to receive from your session. This step is recommended but not required, and Lois Anne will not ask to see the paper.

Lois Anne begins each session by connecting to your Spirit Guides and Angels. She sees them step forward in a semi-circle above you. These higher vibrational beings guide and oversee our life's journey. They view our lives from a soul perspective, so they are incapable of ever judging our freewill choices. Lois Anne starts each reading this way as they always talk about what they absolutely love about the client. This is also when most, if not all, of the questions you have written down are answered.

Lois Anne will then step away from these light beings, although they are never too far, to connect with loved ones in spirit. They step forward on her right, so you will see her looking in that direction. Lois Anne is an evidential medium, so she connects with each spirit person that comes in and shares specific evidence, so you will know who she is communicating with.

Every medium connects with different evidence. Lois Anne is excellent with physical description, personality, health issues, and two or three unique things about the person. Evidence is vitally important in a medium reading as it keeps the session in integrity. 

Throughout the reading, Lois Anne will ask you, 'Do you understand?' Please respond with a Yes, No, I don't know, I'm not sure. All of these answwers are appropriate. Lois Anne asks that you refrain from giving additional information as it can interrupt the flow of the reading. After plenty of evidence is given, messages will be received and shared and Lois Anne will facilitate conversations.

Remember, every communication from Spirit is a miracle. Our loved ones who have passed transverse time and space with nothing but pure love and light to communicate messages of importance to all. Lois Anne treats her time with you and Spirit as sacred.  She is honored to hold this space for you.