Spiritual Developme​nt Series 

with Lois Anne Smith


Delve into the magic Lois Anne shares in-depth knowledge, insight and techniques to develop and fine-tune your innate spiritual gifts. 

Yes, we all have them!

Taken together, the mini-workshops will create new heights of inner peace, connection and joyous purpose. You can also mix and match to your liking as each segment stands alone and offers guidance and insight for the beginner, intermediate

and those on the path for many years.

Why Develop Personally/Spiritually

As we experience life, each of us chooses whether to evolve. When growth occurs, we clear out the past (the immediate past, generational past, relationship past, even spiritual past). This process of letting go naturally allows our vibration to increase so more of our spirit can reside within the physical form.

Today, more and more people are being sparked by their intuition and inner promptings to create new, exciting, expansive experiences. In doing so, we cast off the old and make room for new insights and realizations about ourselves and the world around us.

Each of us is already engaged in a profound personal transformation, all taking place with an abundance of support from both sides of the veil. As more of our light (true essence) comes in, the body becomes less constrained. Abilities that have laid dormant in mind and spirit become readily accessible. Our day-to-day lives become easier, 

our purpose clearer. 

Journey Deeper with the Seraphim Angels

(In Person Workshop)

For those who attended the Angel Workshop and received their level one attunement:

You have already experienced the magic of the Seraphim connection. 

Continue to expand your journey with by attending the next in this 6-level series. 

During each segment, the Seraphim will step forward with new perspectives, guidance, and gifts.

Saturday mornings: 9am - 10:15am Cost: $32 per session

Jan. 26, 2019: Level 2 - Open to greater levels of communication.

Feb. 9, 2019:  Level 3 - Live in truth, authentically and courageously.

Feb. 23, 2019: Level 4 - Heals unresolved grief and integration of more light.

March 9, 2019: Level 5 - Manifest quickly from a state of pure bliss

March 23, 2019: Level 6 - Create magic and the embrace the unexpected joys in life.

Please note: Attunements must be received in order as each one prepares you for the next.

Angels: In Person

Journey Deeper with the Seraphim Angels

(Facebook Live - Online Offering)

Same dates as as above, except the online version will take place at 7pm.

The video will be available for up to 7 days.

Jan. 26, 2019: Level 2 - Open to greater levels of communication.

Feb. 9, 2019: Level 3 - Live in truth, authentically and courageously.

Feb. 23, 2019: Level 4 - Heals unresolved grief and integration of more light.

March 9, 2019: Level 5 - Manifest quickly from a state of pure bliss

March 23, 2019: Level 6 - Create magic and the embrace the unexpected joys in life.

Angels: OnLine

Development Circle: Where the Magic Happens


March 3, 2019. 9:30am - 11:30am

Ellicott City Wellness Center

3691 Park Ave., Ellicott City 21043

Plenty of Free Parking

 Lois Anne's development circle is a specialized form of group meditation with a 3-fold purpose:

(1) To strengthen and expand your connection to 

the higher realms, 

(2) open your spiritual gifts, 

(3) raise your vibration to a level that positively impacts your day-to-day life and relationships. 

Lois Anne will guide everyone in experiencing at least 5 of the higher 12 dimensions, including visiting where angels, spirit guides and ascended masters reside.

Experience the magic a circle for yourself.

Spiritual Energy Healing

March 31, 2019 9:30am - 11:30am

We are ALL healers in our own right and there are many ways to heal on many different levels. The further down the path of healing we go, 

the deeper our transformation.  

Please join me for an exploration into all things healing (for ourselves and others) as we empower each other to be the healers we came here to be. We’ll look at: how imbalances/dis-eases occur, what it means to heal on different levels, the three main ways to use energy for healing, and why, at times, we don’t heal. 

Let’s gather and have this beautiful conversation.

Ama~Deus Level 1: Healing with Unconditional Love

Ellicott City Maryland (TBA)

April 28, 2019 9:30 - 4:30am


Lois Anne has talked often about the impact Ama~Deus has had on all levels of her healing journey. You can now experience it for yourself. Each healing modality utilizes different vibrations to facilitate healing. Ama~Deus assists an individual to access  a stream of consciousness that is Love. Ama-Deus or Love is a tool that works to enhance our growth and awareness for one’s self as well as others. This sacred wisdom healing technique has its origins with a deeply spiritual tribe who live in the heart of the Amazon forest.

Deposit or Pay in Full

September 2019

The Series will begin anew in Sept. 2019 with many new workshops sprinkled throughout.

Mar 31 Spiritual/Energy Healing

April 28 Ama Deus: Healing with Unconditional Love