Spiritual Developme​nt Series 

with Lois Anne Smith

2019 / 2020 Spiritual Development Series

Designed to Expand Your Personal and Spiritual Growth

Mix and Match to Your Liking

Delve into the magic as Author and Certified Advanced Medium/Psychic, Lois Anne Smith, shares in-depth knowledge, insight, and techniques to develop and fine-tune your innate spiritual gifts. Yes, we all have them!

Lois Anne stepped onto a spiritual path in 1989 and opened her own healing center, The Cottage, in 2007. Over the years, The Cottage has grown into a beacon of light for all who come. Whether local or cross-country, her sessions are known for their high level of accuracy and healing messages. Lois Anne’s personal life also reflects the spiritual principals, ethics, and integrity that are the hallmark of her success.

Beginning August 18, 2019 and running through September 2020, her new Spiritual Development Series offers 16 bite-size segments designed to propel you forward in your development. These workshops are chocked-full of information and exercises, with some a follow-on series for an even more in-depth exploration. It’s all offered in a mix and match format, allowing you to pick and choose the topic(s) that interest you. 

What's New

*. Plenty of new workshops are offered.
*. Enhancements to all workshops to include deeper meditation experiences, break out sessions, new exercises, along with techniques you can practice at home, and suggested reading material for those interested in exploring covered topics further. 
* Several 4 hour workshops were added.
* The 2-hour workshops are still just $35, a 2% processing fee added.

Why Develop Personally/Spiritually

As we experience life, each of us chooses whether to evolve. When growth occurs, we clear out the past (the immediate past, generational past, relationship past, even spiritual past). This process of letting go naturally allows our vibration to increase so more of our spirit can reside within the physical form.

Today, more and more people are being sparked by their intuition and inner promptings to create new, exciting, expansive experiences. In doing so, we cast off the old and make room for new insights and realizations about ourselves and the world around us.

Each of us is already engaged in a profound personal transformation, all taking place with an abundance of support from both sides of the veil. As more of our light (true essence) comes in, the body becomes less constrained. Abilities that have laid dormant in mind and spirit become readily accessible. Our day-to-day lives become easier, 

our purpose clearer. 

Crystal Workshop 

with Lois Anne and Nancy Andrews-Bautista

Sept. 22, 2019     


9:30am - 1:30pm   


This workshop is chocked full of information that will give you confidence and greater ability in choosing and working with crystals. We will introduce you to eight power crystals, their properties, and uses. We’ll then explore crystal shapes and facets. You will know how to identify and use a phantom crystal, a generator, channeler, manifester, and four others. You’ll also go on a magical guided meditation designed to unlock your connection to crystal kingdom along with your abilities to work with these amazing gifts from the Earth. A wide selection of crystals will be available for purchase - many at discount prices.

Mediumship Workshop with Teaching Demonstration

October 6, 2019     9:30am - 11:30am 


We are all mediums on one level or another. Have you ever sensed the presence of a loved one who passed? Or out of the blue smelled her perfume or the odor of his pipe tobacco? Maybe you had a dream about them that was so vivid. Spirits will use our feelings, sense of smell, sight, taste, even our dreams to convey messages of love and closeness.

When we die, we shift from a low vibration (physical matter) to a much higher vibration (spirit, light, pure energy). Mediums are people who naturally “tune in” to these higher vibrations. However, anyone can learn to receive information and begin to trust what they receive. Lois Anne’s often says, “If you are drawn to mediumship, then you can absolutely do it with guidance and practice.” During the workshop, Lois Anne will demonstrate mediumship while answering questions about how she ‘works’ with spirit.

Mediumship Mini-Series

with Lois Anne & Rev. Rosemary Calderalo

Saturday Evenings, 7pm - 9pm

October 12th, Oct. 26, Nov. 9, Nov. 23

Ellicott City Wellness Center


This four-session mini-series with Lois Anne and Rev. Rosemary Calderalo will provide you with the focused

attention of two certified mediums who 

can take your skills to the next level.

New exercises and new ways to tap into

your innate mediumship gifts.

On week 4, you'll have the option of 

reading for real clients.

You can do this!!

Mini-Series Mediumship

Ama~Deus Class Schedule

Level 2:  October 13, 2019


Continue your journey as we spend the day together in sacred energy. In this level 2 all-day class, you’ll receive 16 additional symbols that bring about: healing of repeating patterns, clarity of life’s confusing experiences, healing addictions, spiritual vision, just to name a few.

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Choose from Options

Language of Spirit: Signs and Symbols

Nov. 10, 2019    9:30am - 11:30am 


The Universe speaks to us through signs + symbols. It could be a repeating number, a synchronistic experience, or a chance encounter with wildlife. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes they are so powerful and clear that they are used to course correct. Others assure us that our direction is true north. This month, we’ll take a close look at the magic of signs and symbols to gain a deeper understanding of who is communicating with you, what personal message the sign or symbol contains, and what to do when they don’t make sense. You'll also create your own set of signs and give them to your Spirit Guide in an empowering guided meditation.Click this text to start editing. This image and text block is great for descriptions about your business, products, or services. Double-click the image on the right to change it. You can also stack more of these blocks to describe items with imagery.

Angels, Angels, Everywhere

with Lois Anne and Nancy Andrews-Bautista

Dec. 8, 2019.   9:30am - 1:30pm


It is now time to rest among the angels. Angels are extraordinary beings, the very extensions of Creator Source, personifying grace, power, and healing. In fact, your own guardian angel prayers unceasingly for you from cradle to the afterlife. Spread your own wings as you: 

. Meet, name and create a trusting relationship with your personal (guardian) angel;

 .  Learn to read angel oracle cards with confidence as you open and expand your senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, knowing your Angel Guides.

.  This workshop will include a unique guided meditation and attunement from the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation (where Lois Anne has been an Instructor since 2005). Called The Angel Link - this attunement will link your energies with the purest qualities and patterns of Seraph Rose Aura. She is dedicated to helping humans advance their spiritual development. During the attunement, Seraph Rose Aura will place an angelic flame of unconditional love into your heart space. Afterward, she will serve as your Angelic Guide to assist you in all matters of the heart...especially the expansion of unconditional love of self and others.

Develop Your Voice/Share Your Message

January 19, 2020   9:30am - 11:30am


Journey with me as I show you how to develop your voice and make it heard to positively influence the world around you. Discussion and exercises include: Overcoming the critic within, writing your bio from a life experience perspective,  crafting your message, and formats for sharing it. You will learn in a small group setting as well as one-on-one with me. This workshop is ongoing for about 6 months and will include assisting me with one workshop in my development series from beginning to end, guidance for putting together a mini-workshop of your own, and a platform for sharing it (should you choose to).  

Space is limited to 8

Chakras and Their Archetypes

Feb. 2, 2020.   9:30am - 11:30am 


Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheels. The seven major chakras are centers in our bodies through which energy flows. This workshop will provide a brief overview of the chakra system and then delve deep into the positive and negative archetypes (original thought patterns) contained within each. For instance, we each have within us the victim archetype as well as the divine mother. The victim longs for us to cultivate the divine mother within so he/she can receive the kindness and understanding it has always wanted. Likewise, the part of us that sacrifices for others is waiting for the archetype that can glean joy from each day to bring balance to the often felt drudgery of life. Understanding of the chakra archetypes can bring: (1) deep levels of change and healing, (2) ability to more easily shift from the negative to the positive, and (3) insight into how our archetype personalities affect our ability to hear, see and feel what Spirit is communicating, (4) assists in opening our intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities.

NOTE: This Chakra Workshop and the following Soul Purpose Workshop will include new information regarding relationships and lead up to the Understanding Relationship Workshop on March 15th.

Soul Connection & Purpose

Feb. 23, 2020,   9:30am-11:30am


Your soul is your innermost being, your true essence, the part of you that transcends space and time. It contains your soul's contract for this life along with a wealth of insight regarding life experiences and challenges we encounter throughout our lives.

Come and explore this incredible part of you and discover your soul’s purpose and your life’s lesson(s). This knowledge can be a game changer for many as you uncover answers to age-old questions such as: Who am I? Why am I Here? Am I on the Right Path? These answers can empower you to make conscious choices that are in alignment with this truth.

We’ll also go deep into a guided meditation and connect with your eternal essence.

Understanding Our Relationships

March 15, 2020.  9:30am - 11:30am 


This is such an important topic to talk about as part of our Spiritual Development. When relationships are conflict free, they can be fun, beautiful, and natural experiences. However, even the best relationships hit bumps in the road, not to mention those that have entirely run afoul. Let’s talk about some essential relationships concepts, ways to understand what the conflict is really about, how to speak your truth, meet your needs and feel good about the resolution no matter how it unfolded.

Remaining Topics and Dates

Spiritual Path Clearing & Follow-on Series. 4.15.2020 

(plus May 9th, June 6, August 8, Sept. 12, 2020)

Let's Celebrate Empaths & Sensitives   4.26.2020

Techniques for Getting Your Own Answers   5.31.2020

Love: It All Begins with You. 6.14.2020

Psychic Development. 7.12.2020

Spirit Guides & Animals Guides. 8.8.2020

Ascended Masters  9.13.2020

Creating Sacred Space  10.11.2020

Ama~Deus Level 1:  11.1.2020

Mar 31 Spiritual/Energy Healing

April 28 Ama Deus: Healing with Unconditional Love