Spiritual Developme​nt Series 

with Lois Anne Smith

2019 / 2020 Spiritual Development Series

Designed to Expand Your Personal and Spiritual Growth

Mix and Match to Your Liking

Delve into the magic as Author and Certified Advanced Medium/Psychic, Lois Anne Smith, shares in-depth knowledge, insight, and techniques to develop and fine-tune your innate spiritual gifts. Yes, we all have them!

Lois Anne stepped onto a spiritual path in 1989 and opened her own healing center, The Cottage, in 2007. Over the years, The Cottage has grown into a beacon of light for all who come. Whether local or cross-country, her sessions are known for their high level of accuracy and healing messages. Lois Anne’s personal life also reflects the spiritual principals, ethics, and integrity that are the hallmark of her success.


Soul  Connection & Purpose


Includes: 12-page PDF Course Material

Test to Discover Your Gifts & Talents

Guided Meditation for an Even Deeper Look at Your Life Purpose(s)

Phone Consult with Lois Anne


Your soul is your innermost being, your true essence, the part of you that transcends space and time. It contains your soul's contract for this life along with a wealth of insight regarding life experiences and challenges we encounter throughout our lives. When we begin to view our lives from a soul perspective, our life experiences are understood and answers come to age-old questions such as: Who am I? Why am I Here? Am I on the Right Path? These answers will empower you to make conscious choices that are in alignment with this truth. A guided meditation is also included to connect more deeply to your soul purpose(s). 

(All course materials are provided within 24 hrs of purchase via email.  Go through them at your own pace.)


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6-Month Path Clearing Attunement Journey

April 5th - Sept. 12th, $35 per month

This 6-month Path Clearing Series is designed to stimulate breakthroughs in your personal spiritual journey. Each of us comes to earth with our own unique “limiting path construct.” This construct defines the boundaries and obstacles for this incarnation and it also provides the framework for the challenging life scenarios that need to be experienced.

Within this construct we generate a complex interwoven fabric of: limiting programs and restrictive belief structures, within our chakras and subtle bodies. These adverse belief structors may sound like: Life is hard, I’m not enough, I’m unlovable, I don’t belong, etc.

With the help of the Ascended Masters and Archangels, our limiting and restrictive belief structures will release, thereby opening the path to higher vibrational energies. A natural holistic healing process will begin in the chakras, subtle bodies and the physical bodies, as each of these systems begin to anchor in more light. (Each attunement must be taken in order.)

First one is on Sunday, April 5th from 10am - 11:30am

Path Clearing Platform Attunement - April 5th

All remaining attunements are on Saturday, 10:30am - 12pm

Birth Pattern Removal - May 9th

Etheric Field Template Clearing - June 6th

Attachment Removal - July 11th

Lineage Clearing - August 8th

Veil Removal - Sept. 12th

(An option is included below to become a Certified Instructor for this series. This  

allows you to pass the attunements on to others. 

Includes: Registration with the Lightarian Institute, Set of 6 teaching Manuals, and a Certificate. 

Instructor cost is in addition to the cost of the attunements.)

Choose Options:

Let's Celebrate Empaths

April 26th, 9:30am - 11:30am, $35

Do you pick up on the emotions of others or sensitive to sights and sounds in your environment? Perhaps you aware of the energy of a room or office upon entering it or have a difficult time being centered and peaceful when those around you are hurting or upset? You are invited to join in community with kindred-spirits as we explore together the gift of being Empathic. We will:

. Understand and define, uniquely for you, the terms Empathic and Energy Sensitive,
. Explore the ways it affects you on a day-to-day basis,
. Learn to celebrate its power,
. Receive essential practices every empath needs to stay healthy in an energetic world.
. Discover the hidden gift of healing within you,
. Gain proven strategies to stop absorbing the energy of others.

Remaining Topics and Dates

Techniques for Getting Your Own Answers   5.31.2020

Love: It All Begins with You. 6.14.2020

Psychic Development. 7.12.2020

Spirit Guides & Animals Guides. 8.9.2020

Ascended Masters  9.13.2020

Creating Sacred Space  10.11.2020

Ama~Deus Level 1:  11.1.2020

Mar 31 Spiritual/Energy Healing

April 28 Ama Deus: Healing with Unconditional Love