As we experience life, each of us chooses whether to evolve. When growth occurs, we clear out the past (the immediate past, generational past, relationship past, even spiritual past). This process of letting go naturally allows our vibration to increase so more of our spirit can reside within the physical form.

Today, more and more people are being sparked by their intuition and inner promptings to create new, exciting, expansive experiences. In doing so, we cast off the old and make room for new insights and realizations about ourselves 

and the world around us.

Each of us is already engaged in a profound personal transformation, all taking place with an abundance of support from both sides of the veil. As more of our light (true essence) comes in, the body becomes less constrained. Abilities that have laid dormant in mind and spirit become readily accessible. Our day-to-day lives become easier,

our purpose clearer.


Beginning August 18, 2019 and running through September 2020, her new Spiritual Development Series offers 16 bite-size segments designed to propel you forward in your development. These workshops are chocked-full of information and exercises, with some a follow-on series for an even more in-depth exploration. It’s all offered in a mix and match format, 

allowing you to pick and choose the topic(s) that interest you.