A Medium Reading with Lois Anne

A reading with Lois Anne is a unique experience that begins with a message from team of Light Beings. This divine counsel views your life from a soul perspective; they consider your journey to be a deeply sacred experience. They always offer messages of understanding, joy, appreciation and, most of all, love.

Many life long questions can be answered during this time as well as laughter shared and perspectives changed.


Next,  Lois Anne will connect with loved-ones in spirit. As an evidential medium, she will share specific information unique to each loved-one. Every medium receives different information from the other side. Lois Anne typically connects with physical description, personality, health issues, two or three traits unique to each person. Once evidence is shared and confirmed, messages are then shared. As every message from the spirit realm is a miracle. The messages Lois Anne connects with are always heart-felt, deeply healing and uplifting with Lois Anne holding the space of unconditional love.

Lois Anne has been giving readings since 2005 and received advanced certification in both psychic and mediumship by Internationally renowned Medium Lisa Williams in 2016. She prefer to work in the realm of mediumship.

Private Readings at The Cottage

30 minutes - $80

60 minutes - $150 ($25 per additional person)

Small Group Readings with Lois Anne

Bring your small group to The Cottage or Lois Anne will come to your location. 

Each person receives a detailed 15-20 minute reading.

Groups can contain up to 8 people. These are special events as everyone 

receives encouragement/guidance from each other's messages.

Contact Lois Anne to schedule your group.

Cost: $450

Mediumship Platform Events

Lois Anne shares authentic mediumship by bringing through detailed evidence of loved-ones in Spirit along with healing messages. The messages Lois Anne connects with are sure to uplift and inspire all who attend. She has connected to Spirit on behalf of clients (both nationally and internationally) since 2005. As an evidential medium, she brings through unique details (such a physical description, personality, health issues, hobbies, etc.) along with personal healing messages, always in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding for those on both sides of the veil. 

Attendance does not guarantee a message.

Upcoming Events:

Nov. 2 - Messages from Spirit, Lois Anne Smith and Nancy Andrews - SOLD OUT

More dates coming soon!

Join Nancy &  Lois Together Again

Nancy and I are always developing, both personally and professionally. In October, we will bring a new level of clarity and strength to the messages we deliver.  

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Reviews for Lois Anne Smith

Thank you for the reading in Manassas today; my mother, father, sister, and Nanny came through. I wanted to follow up with you about your exceptional accuracy! I checked my dad's information, and am reminded that the specifics of his passing were exactly as you said. I marveled at your message from my sister. Thank you for your great gift to me this afternoon. Joyce D., Virginia

Today's visit with Lois was nothing short of exceptional. My heart is still overwhelmed. I've seen mediums before, but never had such accurate, spot on hits with my loved ones like I did today. Things Lois communicated could have only come from my very boisterous and colorful loved ones. It was really a long overdue reunion that made me smile, cry and laugh out loud. It truly made my heart smile to know that their energy is still alive and kicking and all around me. Thank you Lois, you're truly blessed.

B. K. Ellicott City

Meeting Lois and witnessing her growth as a medium and her own healing journey has had a tremendous impact on me as a teacher. Lois is heart-centered in her message delivery, and her light shines so brightly. I’m so proud to have been her teacher.”

Celeste Woods, Master Teacher for Lisa Williams, International School of Spiritual Development

Lois Anne, thank you so much for my reading last week, what a beautiful gift. My eyes are wide open to my heart, soul and my life experiences. So many things have come into perspective that I didn't understand before. I'm so grateful to have finally met you. 

 M.S., Maryland

The evening was so magical! I told (my husband) that besides getting married and having my children, last night's group is next in line! Everyone enjoyed the evening so much! It was just truly a wonderful gift that you gave to all us. Love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart! T.D.

Thank you for the generous, beautiful reading today! I can only say WOW! Everyone in my family felt such peace after hearing your comforting words from the other side. You will definitely be hearing from others in our family and friend circle. May your life be blessed so you can continue this great work. V.S., Maryland