Spiritual Development Kits

If you attended one or more of Lois Anne's Spiritual Development Series Workshops then you know about her handouts. Everyone LOVES her handouts because she provides the information in a 'talking story' so you don't have to spend all your time taking notes.  In fact, attendees have said they read like a book. 

After hearing this comment repeatedly, Lois Anne realized it was time to release her material to a wider audience. 

So we've packaged the material from her workshops togetherwith powerful crystals and other spiritual tools all wrapped up in fun kits. 

Just want the printed material? That's okay.

We've made that an option, too. 

So, what topics are you drawn to?  

What excites you spiritually?  

(New topics added monthly.) 

Intuition: Build & Expand the Power Kit  $33

Your intuition is an integral part of you. Perceiving its subtle guidance from within will positively impact every area of your life. Explore how to deepen your connection to the part of you that holds truth, purpose, joy, and safety. Discover the benefits of listening to your intuition, explore how it communicates with you, receive proven techniques to amp up its guidance, and, most important, learn to recognize the difference between your ego voice and your intuitive voice.

Kit comes with a Super 7 Palm Stone personally selected and charged by Lois Anne.

(This magical power stone a combination of seven different minerals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rutile, Smoky, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite (sometimes hematite). 

Chakra Workshop 

Everything Kit  ($55) 

($11  for the 16-Page Crystal Workshop Material - Sent via Email)

Lois Anne and Nancy Andrews-Bautista's 

Personally Designed and Developed Crystal Workshop

A great gift for yourself or your crystal loving friend.

Each kit contains:

* Extensive handouts covering 8 power crystals (by Nancy Andrews-Bautista) and the magic of points, spheres, double terminated, rainbows, and more (by Lois Anne Smith).

* One each of the eight power crystals,

* A mini quartz point,

* Smudging shell, stand, feather, white sage and instructions for keeping your space and crystals clear.

* Garden sage grown at The Cottage and harvested and dried by Lois Anne.

* Three pieces of Palo santo (holy wood) to fill your space after clearing.

Your Choice

Mediumship Overview and

Crystal Power Tools & 1/2 Hr Reading Option

This fun kit contains detailed notes from my sold-out Mediumship Workshop paired with three powerhouse crystals. Each one was personally selected, cleared, and charged by Lois Anne, 

although Selenite is perfect just the way it is. 

The kit includes:

Brilliant piece of Amethyst included with hematite and smoky quartz for power and clarity in working with spirit.

Mini-Crystal-Clear Quartz Channeler for amplification.

A healthy chunk of raw Selenite for calming, protection, and angel awareness.

Place these crystals in your sacred space and then practice holding them one at a time while meditating/connecting and allow their vibration to bring you the highest and best.

Add a 1/2 Reading onto your kit for just $65

(Available only with the kit.)

Your Choice
Add-On 1/2 hr Reading